Highjack YouTube Marketing Videos

It’s not uncommon to see corporate websites embed their expensive video marketing campaigns using the YouTube publishing service. As a good marketeer you are trying to maximize the effect of your campaign with a multi channel marketing strategy including online video marketing. But is YouTube the right service to use?

YouTube can backfire at you

Publishing content on your corporate website using the YouTube service is a risky game. For many people, YouTube is the only reference for online video marketing. The enormous possibility, simplicity and appealing offering can make the most sceptic marketeer forget about the side effects that YouTube presents.

One of the companies that was able to utilize the virile capacity of YouTube is Lloyds TSB and their famous Lloyds TSB for the journey advert. At the moment they have more then 100 different copies of their advertising published on YouTube and the ads have been watched by millions of users.

To demonstrate how badly YouTube can backfire I’m using a video named “Blade, IBM vs HP, detailed presentation” as example. This is a educative marketing movie made from IBM to point out the differences between IBM servers and their main competitor HP’s servers. The movie is 7:57 minutes long and published by a person with nickname “IBMTom” leading me to believe that this is an IBM employee.


Printscreen showing 4 HP movies and 1 Sun movie in the end of a IBM marketing movie

After been watching an almost 8 minutes long movie about IBM server, most marketeers would expect that the correct thing is to place a call-for-action in the end of the movie. Well, YouTube do that for you automatically, they come up with a list of 7 new movies they think the user would like to see. The bad thing in IBM’s case is that 4 of the movies are from their competitor HP and one from the competitor Sun. That’s a really bad call-for-action.

I have never seen IBM embedding a YouTube movie on their website but if they did they could give HP and Sun a great possibility to target IBM’s customers.

How to highjack a YouTube marketing video

It’s as easy as stealing candy from a kid.

  1. Find a competitor that embed his marketing videos from YouTube on their website
  2. Create a marketing video. This could be a simple video, for example your logo and you speaking about how great your product is
  3. Upload it to YouTube with similar but not identical title, description and tags as your competitors video
  4. Click back and forward between your movie and your competitor’s and ask your friends to do the same

Soon you will see your movie on your competitor’s webside. The best of all is that if you just use your logo trough the whole movie, you will have your logo displayed on your competitor’s website.

Viral Content – King of YouTube

YouTube isn’t just bad. In fact it’s a great marketing channel and a online phenomenon it’s worth to pay a great amount of attention to. YouTube is designed for viral content and serve viral content like no other online video service. Here is some pages that it’s worth to read to take advantage of YouTube’s great potential:

Lesson to learn

Use YouTube wisely to syndicate your marketing message but do not embed YouTube movies to your own corporate website or blogs. Failing to follow this lesson can easily make your competitors able to “highjack” your potential customers on your own website.

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