First of all, I’m glad you find my writings interesting enough that you want to contact me. I’m a inbox zero type of guy that try to answer all my e-mails as quickly as possible in order to get them out of my way.

Anyways, before you get in touch with me, there are a few things I hope you respect:

I’m not a São Paulo Tour Guide nor a Brazil Ninja

On the web you will find much information about doing business in Brazil with myself as the author. This does not mean that I will be able to help you getting sorted out your tax issues in Brazil, nor help you find the safest hotel in São Paulo.

If you have questions that are not related to technology or digital media business in Brazil, I am probably not the right person to contact.

I’m not Covering News or Write Reviews

It’s always flattering that people ask for my opinion or my assistance in any way and I will always try to do my best to help you out.

However I do not write about news or review products here in my blog or in any other digital outlets that I’m responsible for.

Everything else

If you would like me to speak with me in person or you want my opinion, feel free to drop me a line. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert in anything but I am happy to share my knowledge.

I also highly appreciate suggestions for any topics you would like me to write about here on my blog or at The Brazil Business.

So if you are still up for contacting me, here is my contact information…

Egil Fujikawa Nes