You may look at me as the stereotype entrepreneur with several projects running at once. Some of you know me from WebDeal, my most successful project so far. You will find below an overview of projects and companies that I’m currently dedicating my time to.

In addition to these companies I’m also advising other companies within the technology and digital media industries.

The Brazil Business

A bi-product of Connection Consulting that probably due to knowledge from the digital media industry have grown to become the largest portal about doing business in Brazil for foreigners.

The portal have a tremendous growth due to our practical take on doing business in Brazil and is probably the most renown media outlet in Brazil within each niche.


A new way of approaching group management of e-mail communication for an entire organization. MailGrupo use the core functionality of typical ticket systems often used by customer service departments and make it available at an easy to use system.

MailGrupo have literally no learning curve for the users as it integrates with all known e-mail clients.

Connection Consulting

Connection Consulting assists foreign businesses from the technology, engineering and digital media industries to get started and run in Brazil.

In Connection Consulting we put our field knowledge about the Brazilian technology business into practice to create low stake entrance to Brazilian market for our selected clients.