8 Ways to Troubleshoot Web Application Performance

Time after time, we hear about web applications that go down because of too much traffic. Sometimes these are high profile sites like Twitter but most frequently, it happens with smaller start-up services that never anticipated the traffic they have received.

I will give you some tips about how you can troubleshoot and enhance web application performance without necessarily being a techie or having millions of dollar in venture capital to scale your web application.

1. Don’t Do The Same Job Twice

This seems obvious but it is surprising how many use processing resources to do the same job several times. Doing the same job twice is often a result of laziness in application design or a way to try to reduce complexity. Click to read the entire post…

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5 Tips for Personal Rebranding

For a long time my personal brand has been closely related to a specific company. After I sold this company to start all over again, I needed to rebrand myself. I’m probably not the first person in this situation but there is very little information published about this challenge. Currently I’m just at the beginning of the process, but I will share some of my ideas with you.

1. Give your ego a cold shower

It is easy to get addicted to being “Mr. Important”. The chance is that you either are or you some time have been addicted to this position yourself. Getting your ego stimulated by the number of inbound e-mails and phone calls you receive is not uncommon for entrepreneurs. You are subconsciously bragging about how important you are by telling people how terrible it is to receive so many phone calls and e-mails. Click to read the entire post…

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Don’t get Screwed by Stupid SLAs

There is nothing stupid about the Service Level Agreement itself, it’s the people that trust them that are stupid.

I have been in the SLA industry for more than a decade and it never stopped suppressing me how obsessed some customers are about the SLA document. The only reason to obsess about a document named SLA is if you don’t understand the service that will be provided to you.

If you see IT services as woo-do or pure magic, you can only trust the SLA. If you understand a little bit about IT services, never trust an SLA; you will get screwed for sure. Click to read the entire post…

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