5 Reasons why Entrepreneurs should Consult

All true entrepreneurs can consult, the difficult part is to sell your superpower. In fact, it’s often difficult for an entrepreneur to even identify his superpower.

Find Your True Superpower

Companies do not pay for all-round consultants, they pay for superpower consultants. As entrepreneurs, our problem is often that we are all-round people, we do sales, accounting, HR and handyman work all day long. This is not a superpower; this at best defines housewife skills.

You need to find a superpower that is decidable and that companies would pay good money to have access to. Lawyers have knowledge about law as their superpower and taxi drivers have their local knowledge and access to a car as their superpower. Click to read the entire post…

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Should you create an Affiliate or Reseller program?

After spending the last 10 years of my life trying to find out if affiliate partnerships or resellers are better for my businesses, I think I am ready to share my reflections with other entrepreneurs that are searching for the perfect model for their company.

I have tried both the affiliate and the reseller models with several companies, products and services. Both models have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Highjack YouTube Marketing Videos

It’s not uncommon to see corporate websites embed their expensive video marketing campaigns using the YouTube publishing service. As a good marketeer you are trying to maximize the effect of your campaign with a multi channel marketing strategy including online video marketing. But is YouTube the right service to use?

YouTube can backfire at you

Publishing content on your corporate website using the YouTube service is a risky game. For many people, YouTube is the only reference for online video marketing. The enormous possibility, simplicity and appealing offering can make the most sceptic marketeer forget about the side effects that YouTube presents.

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