6 Killer Phrases to Include in any One Page Business Contract

The Law

It is tempting to write your own contract without consulting an attorney when starting your own company. I do this all the time either because there is no time or no margin to involve any attorney into the process.

There are several reasons to keep an attorney away from those first contracts:

  1. The money spent for attorney fees are better spent building value in the company
  2. If you have nothing, there is nothing you need to protect (!)

Contracts have a different importance in different parts of the world and you will always have to weigh the risks against the benefits.

I’m a big fan of the so-called One Page Business Contracts, which is simply one page in a plain language that both parties understand and that can easily be read and altered without legal assistance.

There are 6 phrases I will always include in my One Page Business Contracts:
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4 Ways to Handle Fear of Failure as Entrepreneur

Fear of failure is the most natural thing in the world. For many, including myself, fear of failure can be a stronger motivation than the chance of success.

If you do not fear to fail when starting a company, you do not risk enough.

When entrepreneurs are talking about failure, there are two main distinctions that need to be made:

  • Personal Failure
  • Technical Failure

If you never feared personal failure you should stop reading right now and start vesting more of yourself into your company.

I’m vesting myself into my companies to the point that I have gotten physically ill due to fear of personal failure. If you are like me, we might be able to share some experience.
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Creating a Reverse Referral Program for Your Business

Working with professional partners has been a large part of my life. Traditionally, partner models are used to work down the supply chain from a vendor to a distributor to a retailer

When we established The Brazil Business we intended it to generate leads for our consulting firm. What we hadn’t anticipated was the amount of inquiries we received related to services and industries in which were we weren’t consulting .

In this post I will explain how creating a reverse referral model can earn you cash that otherwise would be left on the table.

What is a Reverse Referral Program?

I assume you know what a referral program is. Typically, businesses will give a percentage of the sales amount to the source of the referred customer. The program is created by the business that receives the referrals.

In the scenario of a Reverse Referral Program, it is the business that sends the lead that has created the program and decided what commission it should receive.
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